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We provide security products that any IT administrator can manage, in real time, affordably.

24 x 7 Support Availability

Best in class Graphic User Interface (GUI)

Forensic Analytics and Attack Reporting

Bifrost Features

Global Protection

  • Fast protection with up to 160 Gbps per unit.
  • Increase capacity via software upgrade on single unit or by adding more units for more protection.
  • Comprehensive on-site and in-cloud deployment for complete coverage both in your network and Internet based traffic.

Network Availability

  • Ease of installation and operation by any network administrator with Graphical User Interface.
  • Available on-site training and support by Mimir certified personnel.
  • Single box solution with modular power supply for easy installation on standard 19 inch rack.
  • One box solution manages multiple sites at one time, lowering overall costs.

No need for specialized security IT staff

  • Scalability for on-going protection as global attacks increase.
  • Expand or change your protection with no disruption of service and minimal impact on your operation.
  • Configuration and training provided remotely.

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